RDTS employs innovative and driven IT professionals who provide risk-managed, state-of-the art information technology services to our customers.

Trust, Integrity, and Loyalty to Our Customers and Employees

RDTS Information Technology (IT) Services partners with government and industry decision-makers to formulate technology strategies, implement new IT capabilities, integrate Commercially available Off-the- Shelf (COTS) solutions, and optimize existing IT operations. RDTS develops and delivers strategies and support across a broad range of infrastructure related services including data center management, hardware and software support, and system and network administration. Our engineers leverage deep knowledge of leading technologies to help clients innovate, modernize and transform to meet future IT challenges.

Current Service Offering

- RDTS offers a comprehensive solutions approach to infrastructure IT, including integrating business analysis, planning, budgeting, and daily operational support of data centers, networks, desktops, and applications. We combine the right balance of technical expertise and business acumen to help our clients achieve complete infrastructure integration, greater cost-efficiencies, and meet t heir business and mission needs.

Our team brings detailed experience in managing IT consolidatiaon efforts, network administration and integration, and service oriented architecture. We leverage our ITIL-based best practices to implement solutions that are innovative, timely, and robust. We apply our ISO 27001: 2013 processes to ensure the IT infrastructure is secure. We evaluate the impact of emerging technologies and standards to ensure the highest quality IT solutions. From planning, to building, to implementing infrastructure solutions, we keep the total cost of ownership in mind.

- RDTS is capable of delivering targeted expertise for clients t hat need scalability or depth to operatea their complex IT systems in addition to short-term focused support on mission-critical applications. RDTS employees experts in numerous databasaae technologies including Oracle, DB2, SQl and Sybase. RDTS provides expertise in numerous network sotrage technologies including NetApp, Cisco, Juniper Networks, and Broccade.

- RDTS provides hardware and software support services including the management, service, capacity planning, justification and procurement services in the hardware and operational software infrastructure areas.

- RDTS provides a full range of software development, systems engineering, and integration services to our clients. We combine our business process reengineering skills with our passion for our customer's missions to deliver Agile software development, database management, and systems integration services. We integrate advanced technologies with our client's legacy systems to improve their operational efficiency and increase our customers' return on IT investment.

We deliver mission-critical apaplications for our clients while addressing their information sharing and collaboration needs through Agile-based standards development and open source solutions. We provide innovative, intuitive solutions across multiple platforms, ranging from web-enabling mainframe applications to full lifecycle development of customized systems.

- RDTS advises information security officers on the formulation of IT security strategies, p olicies and procedures. We support system owners with full lifecycle certification, accreditation activities, and documentation.

- RDTS service desks are designed to minimize support costs, ensure high levels of user satisfaction, and enhance organizational productivity.

- RDTS implements the best practices and standards which incorporates stringent development testing, Certification and Accreditation processes, and Independent Verification and Validation - the systematic review of work products, deliverables and processes to ensure the production confirm to the established end-user requirements.

RDTS' management consulting services ensures the greatest customer and stakeholder satisfaction by helping them help you achieve more with less in strategic alaignment with their mission and objectives. our strategic capabilities span the gamut of management consulting listed below:

Current Service Offerings

- RDTS' program management services are built on our knowledge of Federal Government acquisition regulations and policies, and in-depth knowledge of product life cycles, and the use of metrics and thresholds to manage risks. Each program management office requires a broad range of skills to meet the technical, cost, schedule, and reporting requirements. Our expertise in process improvement, further reinforced by our ISO 9001:2015-certified and CMMI Level 2-assessed processes, help us and our customers develop, document and maintain sound business processses. Our staff of experts has extensive experience in many respected process improvement methodologies, including SEI CMMI, Lean Six Sigma, and ISO 9000.

- RDTS delivers training, coaching and mentoring, project execution, and project management consulting services on Lean Six Sigma (LSS) concepts and methodologies for service and transactional process improvements. RDTS provides Lean Six Sigma practitioners that are 100% Master Black Belt Certified.

- RDTS provides the analysis and process that enable agencies to execute their responsibilities in support of business/IT alignment and the creation of business value from IT enabled investments. We deliver services in accordance with strategic plans and ensure integration with current capital planning and investment control (CPIC) processes. We assist with alignment of IT investments with business priorities, business transformation needs, and involvement of business owners throughout the IT lifecycle.

- RDTS applies repeatable quality assurance approaches based on CMMI, ITIL, and ISO best practices to manage contract and project performance. Through our documented Quality Control (QC) program, we ensure that day-to-day services and deliverables meet or exceed all performance and quality standards.

- RDTS incorporates risk planning into all our projects through a repeatable methodology adapted from SEI's Risk Evaluataion Process. Risk Management is provided at all levels and with all stakeholders of a project.

- RDTS provides leadership, guidance and expertise in all areas related to management of the human resources, including recruitment and development of staff, management of personnel systems, and leadership in labor management partnership improving and supporting multiple customers and projects. We have helped our customers meet all regulatory guidelines for a compliant.

RDTS Professional Support Services partnering with clients to evaluate, onboard and realize their top strategic initiatives. RDTS provides professional services including, but not limited to, Acquisition Support, Administrative Support Services, FOIA, Integrated Logistics, Research & Library Management, and Workforce Development. RDTS knows it is important to provide quality service to your customers that is not only effective, but personalized.

Current Service Offerings

- RDTS provides DAWIA Level III/II certified specialists to provide full gamut of acquisition support. This support starts with requirements definition and investment planning through contract closeout, preparation of acquisition plans, contract administration, requirement definition, market research, performance metrics, alternative analysis, Independent Government Cost Estimates (ICGEs), Preparation of Performance Work Statements (PWS), Statements of Work (SOWs), proposal evaluation/facilitation, and liaison with contracting officers.

- RDTS provides administrative support staff in various functional areas such as human resources and staffing, executive administration, travel orders, personnel issues/actions, clerical, technical, scientific, maialroom operations, preparation of reports, briefings, and other related requirements.

- RDTS provides peronnel expertise to collect, organize, review, analyze, redact documents, prepare written draft documents, draft formal responses, analyses, assessments, and provides basic concepts, methods, procedures, and guidelines of information disclosure.

- RDTS provides logistic expertise mixed with in-depth knowledge and experience, excels in supply chain management, warehouse operations, receiving, storage, physical inventory control, issue & packaging, distribution functions for commodities other than hazardous materials, special projects/surge and sustainment, and tracking & inventory support.

- RDTS provides library related service in tasks to include, but are not limited to: Cataloging and cataloging maintenance, cross referencing, identifying claims for missing items and reports, loose-leaf filings, shelf-reading and shelf maintenance, shelving material and shifting when necessary, uploading electronic serials to a designated location, verifying with book check-in and overdue book claims, assisting with serials maintenance, circulations, and interlibrary loans as needed, completing special projects; and maintaining databases and updating the technical service manuals.

- RDTS provides workforce development, in the areas of training, curriculum development, preparing of training materials, user's guide preparation, instructor-led (classroom) instruction, e-learning/distance learning, and computer based training (CBT). In all training activities, RDTS brings an understanding of agency-specific business processes, n ot just system knowledge. RDTS incorporates and anticipates real-life examples of how the training applies to the users' daily work.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

RDTS has been accredidated with ISO 9001:2015 Certification. RDTS has demonstrated our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our customers requirements. While also enhancing our customer's satisifcation through effective business process improvements and more!