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Paylocity Mobile Overview

To use Paylocity Mobile, your company must be a Paylocity customer and you must be an authorized user with Paylocity credentials. Company Code, User Name and Password are required to access the application.

What can employees do in the app?

– Edit your personal info, search the company Directory, or view current and historical Pay info on-the-go
– Access Company Links and acknowledge documents
– Review your Schedules and Timesheets
– Create and submit expense reports

Access My Paylocity Portal Login

Find your paycheck/paystub
Find your W-2 or 1099
Change your Direct Deposit
Access your 401(k) and Retirement

Paylocity Mobile Download

Access to download Paylocity Mobile Solutions APP for your device.


Login for Timesheets & Expenses
Employees are able to access their personal information such as benefits, open enrollment and payroll. With web-based access, employees can control personal data conveniently, around the clock and around the globe.

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