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Program Specialist – Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)

Program Specialist – Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)

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The individual shall primarily provide support services to the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program Manager (PM) at ARO to manage and administer the Army’s STTR Program. This position requires a detailed knowledge of the Federal, DoD and DA policy and guidance governing the STTR Program. It includes a general awareness of the DoD and Army science and technology enterprise, the systems acquisition process, and mechanisms for technology development and
transition. The position also requires knowledge programs associated with basic research, as well as a functional knowledge of Army contracting and financial management procedures and processes.


The proposed individual shall possess (at a minimum) a Bachelor’s degree. Significant highly relevant Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) experience can substitute for degree, and is otherwise desirable. Expertise in contemporary business computer tools (spreadsheets, databases, word processing, presentations, and graphics) is essential. The Microsoft suite of programs is preferred to ensure ready compatibility with Army systems currently in use. These skills may have been acquired by the selectee through either on-the-job or formal training. In addition, individual should have specific knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, Excel, and Microsoft Access. Similarly, strong communication skills are essential, including both written (especially the ability to formulate concise instructions) and oral (with the ability to hold effective person-to-person and telephone conversations with native and non-native-English speakers).


Responsibilities and duties of this position shall include, but not be limited to:

Support the Army STTR Program Manager in the management and administration of all processes required to implement the STTR Program within the Army.

§  Understand the STTR Program operational processes, coordinate and track the flow of information for multiple overlapping annual cycles from the development of topics through the award of contracts, conduct quarterly and annual reporting of all program awards; program activity includes proposal evaluations, debriefs, protest actions, Congressional inquiries, and verification of compliance with STTR policy and law, notification of firms of selection decisions, coordinate and respond to resulting debriefings (conducted within 30 days) to include maintaining records of source selection processes and results.

§  Identify compliant Phase I and Phase II proposals obtained from the DOD submission site to be loaded to the Army STTR portal through coordination with the SBIR Program Support contractor;

§  Coordinate execution with Program Coordinators (PCs) representing all participating organizations throughout the Army to ensure they are effectively engaged in the STTR Program and meeting required deadlines with products of satisfactory quality;

§  Track distribution and obligation of funds through the RDECOM and maintain historical records in the STTR management portal and in current tracking modules utilized by the STTR Program;

§  Improve the robustness of STTR administration by continually updating program standard operating procedures, as needed, to reflect changes in program structure, requirements, and operations; and,

§  Support Program Manager development of topic and award recommendation packages by collecting evaluation data and preparing consolidated recommendation(s) for ARO Director approval and coordinate notification of TPOCs and selected and non-selected proposers, as appropriate.

Develop mastery of information technology (IT) systems, databases and associated processes supporting administration of the Army STTR Program.

§  Collaborate effectively with the Army SBIR Program support contractor responsible for the management of IT systems, web portal, and databases STTR relies for program execution;

§  Operate web-based legacy systems for handling data contributed by users to support program functions including topic generation and review, proposal handling, and contract awards; coordinate updates to program information and other postings; update and review quarterly the STTR portal;

§  Assist and support the topic authors with access to the web based system to develop instructions, user guides, and coordination with the PoCs for topic development across all participating agencies with no more than one hundred topic submissions for the yearly cycle; and,

§  Ensure access of multiple users for topic and evaluation cycles as identified by the TPoCs/PoCs s for all required and credentialed users throughout the Army STTR participating community.

Coordinate program operations with external organizations and stakeholders to enable effective Army STTR Program execution.

§  Renumber final PM approved topic set and upload to the consolidated DoD Announcement once the Army down selection and DoD approval processes have been completed;

§  Maintain open communication and visibility with program participants and be available to provide assistance through email and phone;

§  Respond efficiently to periodic and ad hoc report requests from the STTR PM throughout the year regarding such things as award dollar totals, contracting timeliness, and geographical representation, from sources such as the Army STTR PM, DA, OSD, and the SBA. Gather relevant information, format materials in accordance with guidance, submit reports after the STTR PM approval and ensuring delivered reports are accepted by the requesting organization; and,

Support Army STTR Program outreach and technology transition activities to maximize program awareness, participation and commercialization.

§  Assist, as needed, in the conduct of program outreach to stakeholders within the DoD/Army as well as to academia and the small business community to increase program participation;

§  Attend Federal, DoD, and/or Army SBIR/STTR training and program review events, as needed, to ensure complete and current knowledge of program rules, regulations, requirements and procedures, and to support Army STTR Program formal support of these events;

§  Support the SBIR/STTR Technical Assistance Advocates (TAAs) by providing information on current, past, and upcoming contract awards and support of ongoing STTR efforts and opportunities for funding to facilitate transition opportunities;

§  Reconcile/validate Army STTR Phase III small business-reported information contained in the DoD Company Commercialization Report (CCR) database; and,

§  Coordinate commercialization activities with TAAs, PCs, and SBCs to provide success story content on a yearly basis for submission to the SBIR/STTR commercialization brochure.


The individual must be able to obtain a “Secret” DOD security clearance due to are routine handling of sensitive, FOUO, and proprietary information that has the potential to transition into classified research and development projects that will be executed across the Federal agencies, the DOD and the Army.


The work shall be performed at the ARO, Durham, North Carolina. It may be necessary during the course of the contract for work to be accomplished at sites other than ARO. Additionally, situational telework may be granted in the event of ARO facility closures due to inclement weather or for other situations that is deemed appropriate by the government. Such anticipated telework shall be requested by the government Program Manager, in writing to the Contracting Officer Representative, and Contracting Officer in advance for approval.


Some travel may be required in the performance of the specified duties, as noted throughout the duty description. Travel is required to support STTR outreach and to participate in meetings supporting the coordination, management and oversight of these programs.